If you are hoping to make a career in Japan, then you will likely need to apply to a multitude of Japanese companies before you find your ideal job. Some companies with a more international mindset will accept an English CV, however many companies will look […]
You have probably read articles proclaiming things like “FREE houses in the Japanese countryside” or similar. Although you can get old houses for free or near free, these are often in deep countryside, up a mountain, inaccessible, with no running water or just too far from […]
Recently due to the latest strand of the Coronavirus “Omicron”, the government is requiring everyone coming to Japan from countries with Omicron cases to quarantine in a government designated hotel or facility for 3-10 days before completing the rest of their quarantine period at home. It […]
Now it is December, and time to file your end-of-year taxes in Japan. You must submit documents in order to calculate the difference between the income tax that is withheld from your salary over the year, and the actual amount of tax you should owe. You […]
What is involved in applying for daycare in Japan? How long does it take? This article will explain everything about applying for nursery school in Japan. Step 1 – Figure out when you want to enter the daycare The school year in Japan runs April to […]
While vaccination is not compulsory in Japan, you may need a vaccine passport in order to travel abroad. This article tells you how to claim your vaccination passport. What format is the passport and what does it contain? Currently the passport is available in paper format, […]
Whether you are moving within Japan, or moving to Japan from abroad, there are several procedures that must be followed. They are as follows. If you are moving within Japan -> Submit a moving out notice to your current landlord You must give a certain amount […]
Want to drive in Japan? An international driver’s license is valid for only 12 months. After that time, you need to get a Japanese license. How do you do so? Read on. Option 1: Convert your foreign license You can switch your foreign license to a […]
The Expat Expo is an exhibition held every November and is exclusively for international residents in Japan. The aim is to connect local businesses and services to the expat community, and help the expats discover which businesses are English and foreigner friendly.  You will find stalls […]
Hotel quarantine seems to be a regular part of travel these days, much to our dismay. In Japan, visitors have to quarantine for a certain amount of time depending on where they came from. Those coming from Indonesia and Kyrgystan must quarantine for 10 days in […]
Are you planning to send your child to a nursery school or kindergarten in Japan? Many things may be quite different than in your home country. For example, in many daycares, even five-year-old children take a two hour nap! We asked parents with children already in […]
Our service Omakase Helper provides expats with help in many different areas of their lives in Japan, from enrolling kids in a Japanese daycare to filling out tax forms. This blog will focus on one of our key services – finding a place to live. Perfect […]
Maybe you are just starting a new business, or maybe your already established a company. Either way, one important factor in the success of your business is advertising. There are many ways to advertise, but most of them are quite expensive. Here are some ideas for […]
The State of Emergency is extended in Tokyo until June 20th. However from June 1st, the restrictions upon facilities have been loosened. The following applies until midnight on June 20th: Large shopping centres: Allowed to re-open on weekdays onlyShortened hours (5am – 8pm) Small shopping centres: […]
If you’re living in Japan, chances are you’d like to experience and celebrate some Japanese traditions. Here are eight festivals that Japanese people celebrate every year. Shogatsu New Year’s in Japan is the most important holiday of the year, similar to Christmas for many of us. […]
A hot topic these days is the Covid-19 vaccine. Japan got off to a slow start but vaccinations for the general public have now started. Let’s see where we’re at. Total doses given: About 5.5 million, which is between 4-5% of the population. The US vaccine […]
Something you may be worried about before moving to Japan is earthquakes. Japan lies on several fault lines and is one of the most earthquake prone countries in the world. Therefore it is best to be prepared for “the big one”. Here is a list of […]
What happens if I forget to renew my visa?                If you forget to renew your zairyu card (residence card), this is a serious mistake and needs to be dealt with ASAP, as the authorities do have the right to deport you. However if you rectify the […]
It can be challenging to find a job in Japan which has both decent wages and a good work-life balance. This is especially hard if you are not fluent in Japanese. If you have years of experience, or work in IT, you may find job hunting […]
As exciting as it is to move to Japan and try all the new Japanese products, there are some things that we recommend you bring from home, based on our experiences along with those of other expats. DeodorantIt seems to be quite difficult to find nice […]
Many people have been asking when they will be able to receive their vaccinations. While things are still somewhat unclear, the following information is available. Mass vaccines for the elderly (65+) should start from April 12. Initially in the first week 250,000 doses will be available […]
Every ward in Tokyo will offer very cheap Japanese lessons led by volunteers. Many are free talk sessions, while others use a textbook. For a beginner it is best to find a structured class. Although I live on the opposite side of Tokyo, I found the […]
Renting a new apartment in Japan can be quite costly. Unlike in other countries, there are a myriad of hidden expenses to consider when you move. It is a general rule that you will need four-six months rent to cover all the moving costs. You may […]
It’s good to adapt to the country we live in and eat the local food, but sometimes we want to make dishes from home, and it is surprisingly hard to find some common ingredients in Japan, such as lentils or black beans. Here are some stores […]
If your child is entering a Japanese kindergarten (yochien) then you will know that they have kinds of supply requirements. A bag to carry shoes, a bag for chopsticks, a bag for sports uniform, a bag for books, and so on. And they ask you to […]
As expats in Japan, we don’t have the usual family and friend support network that we would have in our own countries. Social networks can be a crucial support for us – a place where we can ask questions such as “what does this kanji on […]
Right now is tax season in Japan. Most people do not need to file their own tax return, it is taken care of by your company. The company withholds income tax from your salary every month and an adjustment is made with the final salary of […]
Moving to Japan? This is what to expect. There are three main types of housing in the rental market in Japan – mansions, apartments and houses. A mansion (マンション) tends to be a good quality concrete apartment complex with three or more floors. They can be […]
Having a newborn is hard anywhere, but for those of us living in a foreign country without a support network, it can be a lot harder. No grandparents to babysit, the medical system is foreign and everything is in a language we may not understand. Luckily, […]
Last year I opted to move my daughter from her international nursery into a Japanese public daycare. It was quite a complicated process, but after two months on the waiting list we were successful in entering into a public “ninka” hoikuen. It is only ¼ of […]
Here is Omakase Helper’s directory of useful English-speaking services for expats living in or near Tokyo. Of course this list is not exhaustive, but a helpful starting point. General Doctor International Health Care ClinicWebsite: www.ihc-clinic.jpPhone: 03-3501-1330Address: Sueyoshi Bldg 3F, 2-10-5, Shimbashi, Minato-kuNational Health Insurance: AcceptedNotes: Make […]
Tokyo is a megapolis of almost 40 million people, therefore finding the right place to live for your family can be a challenge. We will list some of the best places Tokyo has on offer. If you’re moving to Japan, read on! 1. Minato-ku The majority […]
There are two options for mobile phone plans in Japan. You can go with the “big three” – SoftBank, NTT Docomo and au, or you can go with a cheaper MVNO provider. You can sign up with many companies online if you have a credit card, […]
The Japanese childcare system can be quite confusing. Maybe you’re not sure what is best. I will cover the options in basic detail. 1) International school – These operate in English so joining them will be simple. They are quite expensive, with even daycare usually costing […]