Housing Support

We will find the perfect place for you according to your needs and budget. You may want a place with a garden, a place where you can live with your pets, or you may want an affordable 3+ bedroom apartment. There are a limited number of apartments and houses available for expats in Japan, mainly due to the language barrier, but after understanding your priorities, we will help you find a suitable property by fully utilizing our network.

We can also introduce you to commercial properties such as offices, stores, and piano schools, so please feel free to contact us.

We provide assistance finding suitable properties, going over them with you and arranging viewings for the properties you are interested in, accompanying you to the viewing as an interpreter, helping you sign the contract if you wish to proceed with the property.

Available areas: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama

Omakase Helper has Everything Covered


All fees will be clearly illustrated in English from the beginning, no hidden fees.


Omakase Helper will assist in connecting utilities, registering your address at city hall, enrolling in daycares, registering for the child support money and anything else you might need.


We will send you a list of potential apartments ASAP and arrange viewings immediately to suit your schedule.


There is no need to speak or write Japanese, we will prepare all the application documents for you.

The Procedure

(1) Make a request
Please include information about your desired property (e.g. size, budget, number of bedrooms and age)

(2) Receive list of properties
We will send you a list with information on potential properties (rent, initial cost, photos) within two days of receiving your information.

(3) View properties
View the selected apartments with our English interpreter.

(4) Apply
When you find a property that you like, we will start the application process.Several documents are required: residence card, proof of income, name of all tenants, contact information, a copy of your bankbook,.The tenant screening process usually takes two to five days to complete. If you pass the screening, you will need a hanko/name stamp to sign the contract, so be sure to prepare it in advance.

(5) Make initial payment (rent, key money, etc.)
Once you are approved, the initial fee must transferred. You will need to nominate a bank account for your rent payments to be deducted from and apply for home fire insurance.

(6) Sign the contract
Sign the rental contract at the place designated by the property management company. Please bring your name stamp and residence card with you on the day.

(7) Move in!
Receive the key and move in. After moving in, please submit a notification of change of address to the local government office within two weeks. Make sure to apply for the gas service immediately through the gas company (Tokyo Gas, etc.) online.

Customer Reviews

Brad S – ★​★​★​★​★

Omakase Helper helped me communicate with my landlord about move-out procedures, which was very helpful. It’s great to have an affordable and responsive service like this. I feel like I can navigate living in Japan with much less worry thanks to them, and I’ll definitely be using their services again in the future.

Horvath B – ★​★​★​★​★

I had a good experience finding an apartment through them! Flexible, good prices and helpful all the time! Recommended.

Ruben – ★​★​★​★​★

This service is great for foreigners living in Japan!