Kanji too difficult to read or write? The mountain of paperwork overwhelming? We can help you fill in your official documents and forms . We can also translate your documents for you.

We can accompany you to meetings or appointments where you may need help due to Japanese language. Moving to Japan? We can also support you in finding an apartment or house to live in.

We can assist with applications for daycare (hoikuen) or kindergarten (yochien) by arranging tours of desired schools, ensuring you are aware of all key dates and filling in application forms.

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What we promise you:

We are a small family-run business who prides ourselves on great customer service, reflected in our five-star rating on Google. Therefore we think it is important to promise the following – 

★ A prompt response within 24 hours

We will respond to your request as quickly as possible, within 24 hours.

★ cash payments on the day

As arranging a bank transfer for an urgent situation may be difficult, we allow you to pay in cash on the day.

★ reliability

We aim to be a trustworthy and reliable interpreter housing and translation service. If you are at all unhappy with our work, we will remedy it at no extra cost.


It’s important to us that our costs are affordable for your average family, and not only for the wealthy. We have priced our services accordingly.

The voices of our clients

Takeshi-San. Thank you so much for your kindness. I submitted it today. Waiting to hear back from them. I’m putting up a recommendation for you on my Japanese Facebook group!

Abena o


Thank you so much for all your great help! Chiharu and Yuki were wonderful and fantastic!  I really appreciate their dedication and help. Highly recommended for expats living in Japan!

Julianne s

Self employed singer

I had some official documents translated by them and it was a great experience. Very fast turn around, they are incredibly responsive and helpful, and the quality of work is perfect. Highly recommended!

Erin B


Omakase Helper was able to organize all of the details and ease the burden as they made sure all forms were completed, deadlines were met, and that all of my needs regarding housing and schooling were met. They were able to start the process before I arrived in Japan as well, which not only put my mind at ease, but allowed us to get the process moving from the first day out of quarantine. They were there throughout the entire process –helping me find a neighborhood and apartment that suited my family’s needs , communicating with the various organizations involved, ensuring all paperwork was completed properly, registering everything at the ward office, and even meeting with me to ensure I received my keys to the apartment and assisted with additional paperwork. Their ongoing help, attention to detail,and quick response time made me feel supported as I navigated the headache that relocation can so often be.

Deanna B


Omakase Helper helped me communicate with my landlord about move-out procedures, which was very helpful. They also translated for me at my daughter’s parent-teacher conference. It’s great to have an affordable and responsive service like this. I feel like I can navigate living in Japan with much less worry thanks to them, and I’ll definitely be using their services again in the future.

Brad S


I highly recommend their services. I needed a document urgently translated and they got back to me even during the weekend. Thanks to them my work is getting done on time.

Shweta sv

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