As expats in Japan, we don’t have the usual family and friend support network that we would have in our own countries. Social networks can be a crucial support for us – a place where we can ask questions such as “what does this kanji on my washing machine mean” or “where do I find good deodorant in Japan”. Social networks can help us with all these questions and provide much-needed moral support.

April is the start of the new financial year in Japan so many people are moving cities or even moving to Japan to start a new job. We made this list of useful networks in Japan to help these people get set up in their new home.

Tokyo Expat Network
For all expats living or working in Tokyo. You can ask questions or find out about interesting places and businesses.

Yokohama Expat Network
The same as the Tokyo group but for those in Yokohama.

Tokyo Mothers Group
For all mothers living in Tokyo, a great place to ask about all your parenting concerns.

Tokyo Pregnancy Group
This is a good support group if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

Gaijin Eats Japan
This group is a good resource if you want to find foreign restaurants or grocery products that are not Japanese.

Parents with Kids in Japanese Schools
This group is invaluable if your child will attend Japanese school.

International Schools in Japan Info
If you opt for an international school or want to find out more information then this group can help you.

In Osaka 大阪 (resident community and advice forum)
Like the Tokyo expat network but for those living in Osaka.

English Teachers in Japan
Here is a place for all English teachers in Japan to discuss their issues and teaching questions

Mottainai Japan
Here you can find cheap goods that people are selling or giving away.

Tokyo Sayonara Sales
When people leave Japan they need to get rid of their stuff – you can buy it or take it for free in this group.

Tokyo Creatives
This is a group for creative people who like artsy types of things to network.

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