It can be challenging to find a job in Japan which has both decent wages and a good work-life balance. This is especially hard if you are not fluent in Japanese. If you have years of experience, or work in IT, you may find job hunting easier. Here is a list of useful websites for job hunting in Japan for English speakers (we have excluded sites that require Japanese fluency):


This is the most well-known job hunting website. You can sort by full time/part time or even “no Japanese”. Most posts are for teaching English, but you occasionally find the odd gem here.


Excellent resource for job hunting, they list many English jobs in many fields. Japanese knowledge or years of experience helps but this is perhaps the most diverse job hunting platform.


They tend to cater to Japanese speaking professionals. They have thousands of jobs posted both by employers and recruiters. Try Daijob for high level positions or positions requiring Japanese.

Jobs in Japan

They have fewer listings than Gaijinpot, and mostly teaching or sales positions, you will rarely find a high-level position on here.


This is the best place for finding university and research jobs, not only in English teaching.

Career Cross

Like Daijob, Career Cross has a large listing of jobs in various fields. Also like Daijob, many non teaching and IT jobs require Japanese and many listings are actually in Japanese.


Contains many listenings for tech companies and startups. A good chance to avoid a typical Japanese black company. Some listings are in Japanese but most are in English.


They post many jobs in tech and start up companies, but this site is geared more towards Japanese speakers.


A great resource for finding teaching jobs, from ALT to eikaiwa to university.

Hello Sensei

This lists only teaching jobs. Be careful, conditions and salary varies.

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