The State of Emergency is extended in Tokyo until June 20th. However from June 1st, the restrictions upon facilities have been loosened. The following applies until midnight on June 20th:

Large shopping centres:

  • Allowed to re-open on weekdays only
  • Shortened hours (5am – 8pm)

Small shopping centres:

  • Allowed to re-open on all days
  • Shortened hours (5am – 8pm)

Restaurants, nightclubs, bars, dance halls (etc) serving alcohol:

  • Requested to close unless not serving alcohol, in which case requested to close by 8pm

Restaurants/cafes not serving alcohol:

  • Requested to close by 8pm


  • Requested to close

Wedding halls:

  • Requested to close by 8pm
  • Requested to stop serving alcohol
  • Requested to limit number of people to 50 people/50% of capacity
  • Requested to limit time to 1.5 hours

Theatres, museums, cinemas, planetariums, gardens, theme parks, aquariums:

  • Max 5000 people or 50% capacity
  • Limited to 5am – 9pm (events until 8pm)


  • If capacity is 10,000 people or less: 50% capacity allowed
  • If capacity is >10,000 people: 5,000 people allowed


As for border restrictions –

The border is still shut and people are having difficulty obtaining permission to travel to Japan. Those that do manage to gain permission must quarantine for two weeks in their home, unless coming from countries which require a hotel quarantine. From now, people entering from India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka must quarantine in a hotel for 10 days rather than 3 (as it was before).

Olympic athletes and delegations are exempt from the 14 day quarantine and face no restrictions on where they will stay. However it has been said that for 14 days they will be restricted to certain locations such as hotel and practice venues.


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