Our service Omakase Helper provides expats with help in many different areas of their lives in Japan, from enrolling kids in a Japanese daycare to filling out tax forms. This blog will focus on one of our key services – finding a place to live. Perfect if you’re moving to Japan or moving within Japan.

What do we do?

We ask you to tell us everything you want in an apartment or house in Japan. We record as many specifications as you have. For example, a large balcony, pet friendly, South-facing, within 10 minutes of a station, with a washlet toilet. We find out what you want, and what aspects you prioritize most. We also record your budget.

We then convey this information to our partner real estate agent, who will scour the listings, including properties that are not yet listed online. We take his findings and present them to you, with all information in English and pictures included. All the fees such as key money, or renewal fee will be clearly listed.

What happens after the client receives the list of potential properties?

After receiving a shortlist of suitable properties, you can decide whether you wish to proceed with viewing any of them. If you don’t wish to, we can continue looking. If you do want to view a property, we will set up the appointment and accompany you to provide English interpretation.

If you find a place that you like, we will help you sign the contract and show you how to pay the move in fees.

If you don’t like the places you view, or you were unsuccessful in your application, we will continue to provide you with potential properties until you find one you like.

How are we different to other housing services?

Many other services have a limited selection of properties, specializing in select “expat-friendly” neighbourhoods. We can offer you properties anywhere in Tokyo or surrounds, for any budget. If you are unsure of where you want to live, we can make recommendations based on your personal preferences and place of work.

What does it cost?

We charge a 5000 yen fee to cover our costs incurred for time spent translating property information and attending viewings. All the other fees are normal moving costs in Japan which go to the landlord and agent – see here for a summary of these costs.

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