Forms Completion

We can fill in any Japanese forms or documents that you need completed.

Examples include:

Sole Proprietorship Application Form / Kaigyo Todoke

If you are starting your own business then you may need to register yourself as a company or sole propietorship. We can help you fill in and submit the correct documents which correspond to your case.

Tax Form / Kakutei Shinkoku

Every year in February everyone earning an income needs to submit a tax declaration. If you are a company employee with no side work then your company will do it for you, but if you work for yourself or have side income then you will need to file your own taxes. We can help you with your submission to ensure no mistakes are made that might haunt you in the future.

My Number Card

If you need to apply for or renew your MyNumber card, we can assist you with this process.

Change of Address Notice / Tenkyo Todoke

When you change address, you need to submit a notification to your current ward office. We can accompany you to the ward office to submit this, or even submit it on your behalf.

Moving in & out form / Tenshutsu & Tennyu Todoke

When you move in and out of your ward, you need to notify both the new ward and the old ward. There is paperwork involved which Omakase Helper can fill in for you.

Health/child information sheets before starting daycare/kindergarten

When your child enters a daycare or school facility, there is a lot of paperwork to fill in. This includes information about your child’s health and allergies, what foods they have tried before, what they can/cannot do and more. We can fill in all the start-of-year forms for you.


3300 – 6600 yen per page *10% tax included
If a page is very short & simple, it will not be charged as an extra page

Customer reviews:

Here’s what our clients say:

I highly recommend their services. I emailed them when I needed help with a document urgently and they reply immediately. Their work was spot on and on time also. Omakase Helper has become my reliable contact. Thanks to them I didn’t have to stress and could focus on other tasks. Highly recommend.


I had some official documents done by them and it was a great experience. Very fast turn around, they are incredibly responsive and helpful, and the quality of work is perfect. Highly recommended!


They were there throughout the entire process – helping me find a neighborhood and apartment that suited my family’s needs, communicating with the various agencies involved, ensuring all paperwork was completed properly, registering everything at the ward office, and even meeting with me to ensure I received my keys to the apartment and assisted with additional paperwork. Their ongoing help, attention to detail, and quick response time made me feel supported as I navigated the headache that relocation can so often be.


It was a really good place and good staff , they helped me to do the phone call, they fill papers , amazing service.


Super friendly and offer great service! Made me feel completely at ease the moment I walked through the door. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Will be back soon I’m sure!