We offer several “one-time” services that you can request as needed. Please contact us to request a service, we will aim to reply within 24 hours. We will provide an exact cost once we receive your request.

Document translation

We offer a document translation service. Our aim is to deliver our translator service quickly, for a reasonable cost. We can translate to Japanese or translate from Japanese to English.
Cost: 15 yen per word + 10% tax
Affidavit: 33000 yen

Forms completion

We can fill in any forms or documents that you need completed. Examples include: Changing your rental apartment and informing city hall, signing up for a credit card, applying for your ward’s “family support” services. Many people use this service for school application forms in Japanese.
Cost: 3000 – 6000 yen + 10% tax

Contracts support

Signing up for or changing a contract in Japan usually involves mountains of paperwork and bureaucracy. To understand the terms and conditions of the contract and fill in the forms, you’ll need to know Japanese. If not, we can help you. Options include: obtaining a credit card, cancelling a contract, changing your mobile phone plan/provider, setting up a bank account and internet banking, changing your internet or utilities provider.
Cost: 4000 – 8000 yen (cost varies depending on whether you will need an interpreter service or not) + 10% tax


Need help understanding what is being said, or conveying what you want to say? If Japanese isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry. We provide an interpretation service. We can accompany you to meetings or appointments where you may need help.
Cost: 1500 yen (per 10 minutes phone call)* or 6000 – 10000 yen (in-person interpreter service) +10% tax
*Plus the actual cost of the call

Schooling support/applications

There are many types of daycare in Japan. There is nursery (hoikuen), which is generally for families with working parents. Then from age 3-5 there is kindergarten (yochien). This often finishes at 2pm, but these days there are more suitable options for working parents. Then there are company daycares, unlicensed daycares, kodomoen (a mix of yochien and hoikuen) and more. All with their own application systems. We can help you navigate this complex system of paperwork and deadlines in order to help your child get into the best school possible.
We can offer one-time services, such as calling one school for your and asking questions, or arranging your visit. Or we offer a comprehensive package involving researching your local options for you, arranging your school visits, accompanying you to the visit and filling out your application documents.
Cost: There are several options that you can choose from. (includes 10% tax)
Research only – 5500 yen – We will provide a list of facilities in your area that meet your needs, along with important information about each school.
Research and application forms – 15400 yen – We will do the above plus help you fill out all paperwork such as application forms and daycare entry paperwork. We will ensure you submit all the correct documents.
Interpretation – 8800 yen per school/day – We will accompany you to the school/daycare to view the facility, ask any questions you may have and interpret for you. This is useful for school viewings and open days, trial days and information sessions and entrance test days. We can set up the meetings by phone if necessary.
Full schooling support package – 33,000 yen – Includes research, application forms, interpretation (3 times*), explanation of all school materials and rules and ongoing email/phone support.
We recommend this package especially for yochien, as even after acceptance there will be a further information day around February where you will receive an abundance of paperwork and rules so you will want someone there to go over them with you, help you sign up for the bus, extended care, care for the first two weeks of April before youchien starts, etc.
*Extra interpretation services cost a further 7000 yen per school/day.

Neighborhood Tours

If you are moving to Japan, this is good for you. We offer three hour tours of your new neighborhood as a chance for you to get to know the area and ask any questions that you may have. The tours will be led by a local who is knowledgeable about Tokyo and all the must know places for expats. You will visit supermarkets, banks, post offices, parks, play centers, bus stops and train stations, cafes and restaurants, the ward office and places you can take Japanese lessons or go for help and anywhere else you might want to ask about. Hopefully after this tour you will feel comfortable in your new neighborhood.
Cost: 15,000 yen

Housing support

For people moving to Japan or moving in Japan. While there are some housing support companies aimed at expats, they generally only offer a small selection of expensive properties. We can help you by checking all available properties, in any area, to find you the perfect place to live based on your requirements and budget. Please let us know what kind of housing you are looking for. Maybe you want a garden, or somewhere that is pet friendly. Maybe you want three bedrooms, but think you just can’t afford it. We might be able to recommend you a good area based on your wishes. Most expats tend to congregate in certain areas such as Minato-ku and Setagaya-ku, but there are plenty of nice places outside these areas which do not cost as much. Once we know your priorities, then we can help you find the best place to live.

Through our realtor partners, we have access to the full Japanese database of homes and will provide you with a complete list of options. Other companies with English support sometimes have limited listings, while we will not stick only to expensive properties in expat friendly areas.

Cost: 5,000 yen non-refundable deposit – this is to cover our costs incurred for time spent translating property information and attending viewings

Our package includes assistance finding suitable properties, going over them with you and arranging viewings for the properties you are interested in, accompanying you to the viewing as an interpreter, helping you sign the contract if you wish to proceed with the property. We can also help you set up your utilities.