For those who may need more than just once-off assistance, we offer two monthly plans.

Basic plan

• Free assistance by phone call (9:30am-5:00pm) or Whatsapp (24/7*) – We can ask people questions for you, translate the ingredients on a label and so on, any questions you might have will be answered on the spot.
• Includes a monthly newsletter with useful tips and information for expats in Japan.


3 months subscription = 3500 yen per month = 10500 yen total
6 months subscription = 3250 yen per month = 19500 yen total
12 months subscription = 3000 yen per month = 36000 yen total

*Messages sent during late night hours may not be seen until the morning

Deluxe plan

For those who are in need of further services such as translation or document completion, we recommend our deluxe service.

• All the above services plus the following
     o Free document translation (limit: 10 A4 pages per month)
     o Free forms completion (limit: 5 forms per month)
     o Free contracts support


3 months subscription = 17500 yen per month = 52500 yen total
6 months subscription = 15000 yen per month = 90000 yen total
12 months subscription = 13000 yen per month = 156000 yen total


You can cancel your contract at any time and you will be refunded the remaining months. For example, if you have a three month contract from August – October, and you cancel on August 17th, you will receive a refund for the September and October months.